In order to allow us to verify your identity, you have to:

- scan/take a photo of your ID card front;
- scan/take a photo of your ID card back (even if it is blank);
- take a photo with your ID next to your face, one with a good quality, so that the ID will be clear and easy to read;
- take a photo with a paper with today's date written down, next to your face or scan/take a photo of your utility bill (or bank statement or government-issued document). The bill/statement/letter should state the date, your name and address (with your address & names clear to read) not older than 3 months.

These documents/pictures can be pdf/jpg/png file types.

Then upload them to your account here: 



Do not forget to click on "Upload Files" button. After that your account should look like this:


Usually to get verified on Minutizer takes less than 12 hours, however, sometimes it can go up to 24 hours because of the many requests. 

But just a side note, at one point it took 7 days to get identity verified (that was a record of requests) and because of this, we guarantee the verification in maximum 7 days (it could happen again).